Vindictus Models WIP

May be later

Dem Goblins look pretty slick.

Like it!

I’m curious if anyone will ever consider doing facepose on any of the models.
Namely the Gnolls, couldn’t do much with 'em w/o finger/face pose.

They already are faceposed as Vindictus is a source game

The monsters are not faceposed. All of the ones with defined fingers, however (ie: not the gnolls), do have fingerposing.
By the way, Succubus was already released. Check the Vindictus model porting tutorial thread a page or two down for it. The link should be on page two.

Yeah I already knew about the Succi’
But It’s good to hear about the goblins.
Still curious if one day they’ll all have the facepose and fingerpose.

The succubus is AMAZING.

In Bed.

nice work…I was wondering how many polys is the succubus

I hope so too.

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