Vintage Space Aerocar

This is a concept I have seen and love and wished to create in Garrysmod, the idea of having 1940’s style and architecture and mix it with space based technology. This is what I have come to. Enjoy.

The side.

The back.

The top view.

The cockpit.

I would love to hear your response.

If it functions, I will call you a god.

Don’t call me a god, not even close to one compared to others on here. But I would love to give you a demonstration.

wow, that looks great! my only quarrel is that i dont like to jagged-ness of the front. Other then that, excellent

Yeah front needs more/smaller props but other than that it is just beautiful! I love the '40s design vibe it has going!


Damn Iosekki… First your amazing spaceship and now this. You certainly have a gift.

Please consider entering my contest.

Loving it, just don’t exactly like how the back thrusters just stick out halfway out. Like, the back thrusters are really smooth while the back body part is really pointy and shit. Other than that, great job :smiley:

that is fucking. awesome.

I like how it’s so refined and classy looking. Keep this up, your stuff is awesome.


Very Very nice


I demand a video!

I like it alot.
I especially like the material, just because it looks so smooth and shiny on the engines :v:

This is what the future flying cars should look like!

rated you artistic as fuck!

sup kp


Doesn’t sound right :frowning: Hai kp.

Sup men

Should have picked a better name kp3. =S