Violent Industries Rust Server - Recently Wiped - Air Drops at 25 - No Durability

Welcome to Violent Industries(Vi) Rust Server - Modded Server - Fair Active Admins

  • Server Name: Multiplay||5/26@3pmPST||Vi:Rustacus||NoDura||AD25||INSTA||Econ
  • IP:

Come join the fun at Vi-Rustacus!

Rules: No Hacking, Griefing is allowed, Have fun and remember…it’s just a game!

FPS Booster
Arrow Recovery
Basic Econ
Death Handler
Instant crafting
No Durability
Players List

A much more mature gameing community bringing to you the balance of a good game, Vi only permits mature ppl in its group with no underage applicants permitted and i am the recruiter so take my word for it