Violent Xenomorph Banana Hammock Party

Thank you Alekos for the beautiful title, it truly is a piece of work.

Most of it is in game, just a little coloring tweaks and a few color changes. If you’d like to view the original, here it is…


My screenshot last time was well liked, so I thought I’d give it another go. This is a scenebuild, and if anyone is curious, I will gladly take a shot of the entire scene.

Thanks to Alekos, Fort83, Vezon, and Castro for giving me advice before I through this out into the forum!

Constructive criticism is welcome, and feel free to comment.

like I said on steam, great pic groove


Holy shit that looks really nice!

how did you get the xenomorph’s to be so detailed?

I bet that they were just looking for those beans.

Great picture and scenebuild as well.


holy grain batman

Picture is kewl and shit but I thought the model was private to some guy?

Maybe he asked really nicely.

Pweety plz with sugerlumps on top? :3 :3 :3

But no, in all seriousness, the camera angle is kinda wierd, but the scene looks well set out.

I’d give an arm and a leg for that xenomorph model.

Or maybe something else, either way.
Angle is kinda wonky, but I like how there’s some hive material in the other room.

As much I would love to give you all the the model, the creator wants the model to currently stay private, but knowing him, it will be released in dear time.

I appreciate all the comments I’ve been getting, thanks so much!

Very well done.

Excellence. Shame the sharpening kind of aliases it but it’s minor enough not to really affect the picture.

Hairybastard said he is going to keep it private.


No, Hairybastard is not the creator of the model and I would appreciate it if we strayed away from that subject to avoid any arguments.

Holy fuck too much sharpen

Very good otherwise though

He always does :frowning:

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Where is it sharpen? didn’t he say most of it was in game.

Looks good other wise imo.