Violet - Velvet Assassin

You like, Yes?

Nude version please.

I want a version of her wearing the black suit and wearing a gas mask.

Release :smiley:

So, Violette Summer from Velvet Assasin.

This, without the gas mask.

Her with the Waffen SS uniform that can be seen in the Cathedral mission.

I find it funny that someone shows something pretty damn well made and the first post is asking for it naked XD
Thats the internet for you…

(also is there any way you can replace Alyx with this?)

hmmm good idea i like yes

Such a bad bad game. :v:







You’re a very giving person.

very. hopefully he will be like this for a large amount of time

this one too

already working on it.

Pretty nice work.

I don’t know who it’s supposed to be but it’s a very nice model.

Violette Summer from Velvet Assasin, the second photo is an in-game screenshot

:haw: :fh:

Save that for when I get this nude textured. :smiley: