VIP and Moderators spawning with admin stuff

Hey all,

Im just wondering why the VIP group and the Moderator group are spawning in with stunsticks,keypad checker, arrest baton etc, as citizens or any other jobs… Please help

They are inheriting from admin/superadmin

I removed the group and remade it so that they dont inherit from admin/superadmin but only to user. Still the stunstick, etc are still there

What admin management are you using?

You are probably still messing up inheritance. Make a lua file that chatprints something when a user is admin (IsAdmin()) and see what happens.

Im using ULX, anon

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And code, how do I make a lua file and where do i put it?

Follow this tutorial.

Dont make vip citizen with stuntstick and others… Citizens are just normal person, they are not thieves, or gangste…
Why not make VIP Groups? Like VIP gangster, GIGN, VIP Thief?
It’s better for the RP. In real life, you see a lot of citizen with tazer, and weapons? :slight_smile:

How on earth, did you come to this conclusion, it’s not like the title is misleading or anything, there is literally no excuse for how you mistook this thread post.