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whats with the song?

that’s the song that plays during the “Karma” mission.

Which is what this image is based on.

it’s a nightclub, only natural they’d have some Skrillex blasting at all hours

also firewarrior you’d better WATCH the FUCK out when you use those CoF and AoM models cos RuMpel’s gonna flip a shit in his righteous kindergartener fury because you’re totally killing the atmosphere of the games!!

That damn Half-Dead and his atmosphere murdering ways.

the cyanish light coming from the right
would look better if it was blue-er and not as bright

then add another, a bright cyan one
coming from the direction of the hos at the back
it would look better, real properly done
and add some rimlights with a hot color attack

peace out

where tha hood
where tha hood
where tha hood at

hey there motherfucker you talkin to me
cos to me it looks just like some keyboard hackin
my rhymes are mine, you too blind to see?
so don’t interfere or i might do some whackin

sit down fucker let me tell you tale
without milk nigga i eat some nails
step up fucker lemme see what you got
like yo dick it prolly ain’t a lot


I see you ain’t replyin’
to my rap
is it cause you’re lyin
your rhymes are crap.

don’t bother posting i’ll shoot you down fool
you’ll be gobsmacked fucka all you could do is drool
so come at me man, let me hear yo “rhymes”
that shit prolly all greasy like some grime

now listen here son and listen up good
because we be just derailin this here neighbourhood
wanna take this outside and slam it like a man
i heard o’ one Blue Oyster bar, that’s the place where ya can

and if you ain’t seen the film “Police Academy”
then go, get outta here
you’ve just made an enemy

ay motherfucker i aint got time
to watch old movies when i’m on da line
i can’t believe you son
i got too much wealth
call 911 before you hang yourself

[sub][sub]i still love you[/sub][/sub]

we should probably stop

Epic Rap Battles of Screenshots

I just realized, isn’t playing Skrillex at a cutting-edge nightclub in 2025 kind of a bit silly? you’d think that he’d have lost his steam somewhat in the twelve intermittent years

cutting-edge nightclub seems like the perfect place to use the BLR models. Tacticool desert badasses seem just a little otta place cityside.

Updated OP with some nonsense.

could use some ambient lighting. shadows aren’t totally black

Wasn’t trying to be realistic.

sometimes realism makes things look better

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to me the total blackness just looks off

That’s exactly the same as Norpo saying you need motion blur every time there’s movement. That’s a style choice not a necessity.

That would be like saying Borderlands and TF2 would look better without the stylized look.

of course. it looks more dynamic and - usually - better that way

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i just noticed that the third picture also lacks depth because of the extremely sharp lighting on all characters