VIP Only???

I need some help people.
I’m currently running a DarkRP server and its going great. I just need some help here.

How do i make a VIP rank, so that like… Only VIP’s can buy vehicles and stuff?
I DO know a little lua, but im not expert so if you would please just help?
Thanks. :smiley:

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Your best bet is using an admin mod of some kind, and restricting the console commands so that only people of a certain admin mod rank can run them.

like ULX?

I’ve never used ULX before, but yea it should work fine so long as you edit the darkrp console commands properly.

well if i only like… wanna make the moneyprinter buyable for VIP, how should i do then? i dont think there is a command for buying moneyprinters? or is there? :smiley:

ULX will give you the ability to add a VIP group, but the DarkRP code has to be modified to facilitate what you want it to do.

well i know that, its just how to modify it ^^

Learn Lua.

There is no other way out than effort.

Add a usergroup and call it vip, then find whatever function that calls the moneyprinter in DarkRP and put if ply:IsUserGroup( “vip” ) then.