VIP/Rescue Slick Helicopter [WIP]

G’day guys

This is the first contraption I’ve posted. I’m still tinkering with the control system but once its done I’ll post a video.

I very loosely based this heli on a Agusta 109E. Just wanted to make a multi role chopper and I don’t see to many civilian helicopters here, something different.

Military Variant

I like, the blue is bad but you got the military version so all good

oh and welcome 2 the contraption forum, look foward 2 seeing more of ur stuffs

Looks really nice, great job.

Nice! one of the better first contraptions I’ve seen. the military version kicks ass.

EDIT: I meant first posted

God fucking dammit people, if he says it’s his first


contraption, it doesn’t mean it’s his totally first contraption ever.

Nice, I like it, and there really aren’t much civilian choppers here…

Very nice! How exactly did you make it fly. Mine are retarded.

I would absalutely LOVE a dupe of that

Absolutely beautiful helicopter personally I like the Blue and White and the Military aswell also the cockpit is just fantastic, 10/10.

Very nice! D’awww it even has cute little retractable wheels :smiley:

the military one is great; the blue one is ugly. i love the interior.

Can you exlplain the system you used to make it fly and control?

Try the FenderChrome material on the civilian one. It gets you a more car-paint gloss than what looks to be DebugWhite you’re using.

Do the folding landing wheels actually hold it up? That would be pretty impressive; never been able to do that, with the way hydraulics and weight interact. Or is there an invisible landing foot is sits on?

I’m still experimenting with different ways of doing it, but the most reliable system so far is using a large square PHX plate just above the aircraft. Using it like a “balance plate” by first attaching thrusters on the under side (either one in the center or one in each corner), then set the thrusters power to match the weight of the aircraft.
So when you activate the thrusters the heli will just float in the air, but will drift to the heavier side (usually fore or aft, not so much side to side.) So then i and a small PHX block on the LIGHTER side of the balance plate and increase its weight enough to balance the rest of the aircraft.

Sometimes you have to add weights at 4 points (forward, aft, left and right) to get the center of gravity just right. You also may have to adjust the power of the thrusters to match the new weight of the heli.

Dont just change the power output of the thrusters to get it to fly level, this just gave me trouble in forward flight.

Once its balanced, just add some thrusters at 4 points on the plate, one at the forward edge, aft, left and right edges. So if you activate the left thruster, it will push (if the thruster is on top of the plate) or pull (if its on the bottom).
Thus shifting the the plate in the direction you want.

Its a trial and error process till you get it flying good. Some problems can come up if you have thrusters to strong or to week. The whole heli can ‘pendulum’ under the plate, making it a bitch to control

Another way is to have the balance plate at the bottom of the aircraft or even in the center.

I don’t know if any one else has done this the same way. I’ve seen people attach thrusters directly to the aircraft, but i find it easier and more organized with a balance plate.

I’m using some crappy concrete texture, just wanted to make it look ok of the pics. I’ll give the FenderChrome a try.

Yeah I’ll admit I cheated on the landing gear haha. There is a PHX plate under it to hold it up.
I came to the same problems, the hydraulics just are not strong enough to support the large weight of the machine.

Dw, if true function is difficult or impossible, a false function is fine.

The materials is fugly.

how did you make the blades stable? mine always spazz…

Try using weld-latches in conjunction with hydraulics. Check out my jet for an example of working and stable retractable landing gear.

What model do you use for blades?