Viper from Combat Arms ragdoll model/NPC request

I wanted to request a Viper CA model for GMod. For this model, I wish to have it in three types: a regular Viper (preferably extracted from the game), a bikini Viper and a naked/nude Viper. The boobs I want to be posable (and if you can throw in the Jigglebones tech in there, that’s nice too). For the face changer, make it so that when I adjust it, she can go from normal to nude and vice versa. I know this sounds perverted, but I want the best guy who can do this to do it. (OPTIONAL: Please have it done in a week) Thanks!

Hi I’m a new random guy who wants to have an epic model port with all possible shit. At least add some pics.

acting like some police? hes been here longer than you.

but you have a point, pics would be useful

No sense anyway.
Considering combat arms isessentially unrippable. Rippers don’t work due to anti hacks and converters don’t work since they utterly destroy UVWmaps. It’s on some heavily modded version of lith tech.

And as a last thing - the majority of people aren’t that keen on hacking together nude models for the enjoynment of a kid.…&p=Viper+Combat+Arms&oid=77a7749bd164911d17f687e36c5e75b9&fr2=&no=19&tt=2710&sigr=127ouhn42&sigi=122cbaed6&sigb=12uj2uq0d&.crumb=E.9cjlJ7Sb6…&p=Viper+Combat+Arms&oid=77a7749bd164911d17f687e36c5e75b9&fr2=&no=19&tt=2710&sigr=127ouhn42&sigi=122cbaed6&sigb=12uj2uq0d&.crumb=E.9cjlJ7Sb6

Nope, not perverted.

LOL I am not a kid, I am 19, and I only asked to see if it was possible. And what the heck is UVW?

We have several dozen people running around requesting nude models of every possible thing in a format not unlike someone screaming into their mic, and this guy’s worried about sounding perverted?

Anyway, as wraithcat said, Combat Arms and many other MMOs are near impossible to rip from. There may be someone on one of the MMO hacking forums that’s built a decent ripper or extractor, but you’d probably be hard pressed to find one. A lot of those people are notorious for not sharing their utilities.

Because they are selfish, greedy, and want to be bodacious about their ability.

don’t de-rail your own thread dude.

UVW Maps are coordinate maps that define where on a model specific parts of a texture are applied.
Basically any texture you’ve ever looked at when it’s not applied to a model is a UVW Map.