Viper123_SWE and Cheesecurls's Natural Selection porting thread

hiyya all! me and viper are working on getting NS2 assets
most of them are easily in .MAX format

so far we’ve been able to access most of the models but there are a select few that are out of reach
that are in a different format, .MODEL

we havent been able too find any programs that open .MODEL files except for a few:

and were not sure if it would work but its DOW2 extractor that handles .MODEL’s!

ninjaripper is a possibility but viper is having trouble with it
if anyone is willing to jump in and help with getting the rest of the assets that would be great, anyone feel free to jump in.

so far we have a NS2 marine ready:


otherwise were working on getting:

and essentially anything that is in .MODEL format

if anyone wants to add please do!

Also, if anyone knows any other way of bypassing/changing files with the .Model format, please do tell.

Try 3D Object Converter, it’s payware but there’s a trial that opens formats (but doesn’t save them).

It works for me on Kick Ass 2 and Young Justice Legacy .model format, but NS2 may use a different format for their .model. There’s also Orcs Must Die that uses .model so try and check out some of those tools.

damn i tried it, cant seem to open .MODEL files

It’s too bad that there’s now way of ripping models and textures via the NS2 Viewer, would make things easier.

Are you also going to get the alternate skins/models from the Reinforcement Program, assuming they aren’t already available for people who’ve got it (I haven’t got it, nor have I played for quite some time)

Yes, all the skins are in the files, male and female.
(There’s even skin-specific view-models for all of the guns.)

However, first of we need to find out how to get the files. I tried ripping through the NS2 Viewer using Ninja Ripper however i only got textures.

upload sample .model format plz


K format looks simple enough I’ll see what I can do :wink:

mind sending me some more sample files?

point cloud data shows a gun like expected


Yeah there we go next edit should be UVmap done and normals

Here’s another sample for you, both model and materials:

yeah keep em coming 1 more example please

Alright, let’s try one of the aliens:

yeah ok well i guess ill figure out the bone weights and positions for you guys too since I’m at it lol

damn, this is making me want to play NS2 again.

I actually ported a few props not long ago, but I lost most of them in a HD transfer. I think I only have the Sentry Gun left.

Anyways, I’ll see about chipping in now that there is a movement behind it, especially if we can now get at all the scenery props in the .model files.

Awesome! Any support is appreciated, also, thanks Cra0 for taking your time with this.

WIP bones

Looks good man!

any human characters I can test or biped skeleton need to figure out the bone weights and then it should be done.