ViperMarkII's Cod:WaW WIP Christmas Release

Well, I just thought that I’d upload my WIP WaW models, some of them pretty good, some of them absolute crap.

Here’s what I’ve included:

          Aichi Val
          P-51 Mustang
          F4U Corsair
          IL-2 Shturmovik
          JU-87 Stuka
          Fw-200 Condor
          My problematic WIP Catalina
          8,8cm Flak 36
          8,8cm PaK 43
          Type 45 Siege Gun
          4,7cm Type 1
          20mm Oerlikon 


Treyarch-the models
Me-Porting, rigging

I know most of the collision models are crap, they were hastily created, compiled wrong, and are wip…


Material fix for the Catalina:

Later I will release much of what I have not seen here already: the flags, tanks, vehicles, prefabs, props, ships, equipment, maybe foliage, and anything else anyone would like.

Happy holidays everyone.


Merry Christmas, ViperMK.II! Awesome work.

PS. I want the tanks to be next.

Thanks homie.

WW2 planes were kind of needed.

Isn’t the german AT gun a 128mm Pak 44? Also very nice but if you could do something for that smoothing or bump map it would be even better.

Thank you sir. As for the tanks, I would really stick with beat_the_zombie’s World of Tanks tanks, the WaW ones are way inferior to them and there are only a few of them. I’m probably going to get the Japanese tanks and American tanks, since there are no Japanese tanks here and there a a few unique Sherman models like this crazy looking thing.

I wish it were a PaK 44, those were awesome, sadly it’s only a PaK 43. I also will add some smoothing groups to them in my next release. (The compter I used to take the screenshots doesn’t have the greatest graphics, so they don’t look the best.)

That version of the Sherman is the amphibous version they developed for D-Day. The things on the back are air tubes for the engine to keep water out.

Anyway, nice looking models.

Cool, did not know that, I thought the only Sherman D-Day variant was the duplex drive Sherman. Sadly, the WaW Sherman’s gun is connected to the bogies, so it will be hard to separate and rig it with Milkshape. Anyway, thanks for the comments everyone.

Oh, use Selection editor in tools for that and if it doesn’t work well just select vertex per vertex. Milkshape can do nearly all the vehicle work. I use it for WoT and it does a great job. Also for smoothing use selection editor.

The sherman from luxox’s pack has a f’ed up UV Map. He should fix that issue. Or somebody have to re-uv this.

Wow, I never even saw that. That’s a great help, thank you very much.

I love it. They’re very nice.

I hope you fix the Catalina, it’s a beautiful model.

Why do people use the MilkShape 3D? It’s for masochists. I would never install that thing on my computer.

Please please please pleeease port the ariska rifle

It’s kind of low quality, but alright.

I find it great for importing a lot of obscure model file types, but the modelling tools themselves are really kind of bad.

Keep up the good work on the Catalina ViperMarkII! Good luck and happy new year(tomorrow).

Wasn’t the Arisaka/Type 99 rifle in this pack:

Why the aichi Val plane apear in black and pink for me?