Viper's SWep Pack

As always, I take no ownership. This is just me sharing a collab of other peoples’ respective work that I tweaked. If anyone wants to be credited individually, shoot me a PM.
Basically, it’s a huge compilation of SWeps, mostly on a modified GDC base. Works good. Nothing special.

Firemode: E+RMB
Suppressor (for applicable weapons) E+LMB

Point n’ shoot. Enjoy.

Sorry about the shit lag. As you can see the audio is a little messed up.

Additional Screens

The List:
1911-Style Pistols:

  • Colt Centinnial 1911 100th Anniversary Model
  • HK 1911 Compact (fictional)
  • Sig 1911 Target
  • AMT Hardballer Longslide Dual, Early Gen ‘silverballer’ style
  • Dual Generic 1911s
  • AMT Hardballer, Late Gen ‘silverballer’ style
  • AMT Hardballer with suppressor, late gen ‘silverballer’ style
  • AMT Hardballer Longslide, Early Gen ‘silverballer’ style
  • SVI Infinity, 9x19, matte black finish, camo grips
  • Springfield M1911-A1
  • Colt M1911A1 Service Model
  • AMT Hardballer Longslide with Compensator, Aimpoint, Laser Sight

AK-Style Rifles:

  • AK-47
  • AK-74
  • AK-47, Holographic Sight
  • AK-47, ACOG Sight
  • AK-47, Reflex Sight
  • AKs-74
  • AKs-74, Stainless reciever, synthetic black stock and forearm
  • AKs-74u
  • AKs-74u, Suppressed

AR-Style Rifles:

  • HK416
  • HK416, Holographic Sight
  • HK416, Holographic Sight with Magnifier
  • HK416, Reflex Sight
  • EMF AP-74 (.22 M16A1 Clone with wood dresS)
  • AAC Honey Badger Reflex Sight, Digital Urban Camo
  • RRA LAR-15
  • RRA LAR-15, ACOG Sight, detachable suppressor
  • RRA LAR-15, Holographic Sight, Detachable suppressor
  • RRA LAR-15, Suppressed, Desert Camo
  • Colt M16A1
  • Colt M4A1 Sopmod, Detachable Suppressor, Aimpoint
  • Colt M4A1 Sopmod, ACOG sight, Urban Digital Camo, Detachable Suppressor
  • XM177E1 (CoD model, carry handle is hacked off)


  • AK101, PS0-1 Scope
  • Dragunov SVD
  • Dragunov SVU
  • Springfield M21
  • Zastava M76
  • Zastava M76, Synthetic Stock and Forearm

Heavy Frame Pistols:

  • AMT Automag I
  • AMT Automag M180
  • IMI Desert Eagle Mk XIX, .44, Custom Finish
  • IMI Desert Eagle Mk I, .44, Blued Finish, Wood Grips
  • Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mk VII, .357
  • Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mk VII, .44, Black Finish
  • IMI Desert Eagle Mk XIX, .50AE
  • Thompson/Center G2 Contender

Machine Pistols:

  • Glock G18C
  • Glock G18C Suppressed, Laser Sight
  • Ingram MAC-10, Jury Rigged Suppressor (L4D model)
  • Igor Sketchkin OT-33 Pernach


  • AK-47, Ultimak Weapon System, Holographic, 100rd Beta Mag
  • BAR M1918
  • BAR M1918A1, Fire Rate Adjuster


  • Zastava M49
  • IMI Mini Uzi
  • MP5-N
  • Skorpion Vz. 65 Suppressed
  • UMP45 Suppressed


  • MP7 Suppressed, Digital Desert Camo Finish
  • FN P90
  • FN P90, ACOG sight
  • FN P90, Holographic Sight
  • FN P90, Reflex Sight

Bolt Guns:

  • Carcano Rifle
  • SV-98, Ironsights


  • AI AWM .338
  • AI AWP .243
  • AI AWS
  • AI AWS, wood stock
  • Remington M24A3 (BF Model)
  • Remington M700P
  • SV98

Anti-Material Rifles:

  • AIC AS50, Urban Camo
  • AIC AW50
  • Barrett M82A1
  • Barrett M82A1, Explosive Rounds, Urban Camo
  • Barrett M82A1, .416 Barrett, Digital Desert Camo

Assault Rifles:

  • FN FNAC, Detachable Suppressor, Foregrip
  • FN FNAC, Detachable Suppressor, Foregrip, ACOG
  • FN SCAR-L, Detachable Suppressor (Prototype model)
  • HK G36

Battle Rifles:

  • FN FAL
  • FN FAL OSW, Detachable Suppressor, Black Tiger Stripe Camo
  • HK G3A3

Dual Pistols:

  • Beretta M92F
  • Tokarev TT-33, Blued Slide, Stainless Frame


  • FN Browning Hi-Power M1935, Stainless
  • Daewoo DP-51, Black Finish
  • Glock G17
  • Glock G30, Compensator
  • Glock 17, Custom Desert Camo Finish, Detachable Suppressor
  • Luger P08
  • Berretta M-92FS, Detachable Suppressor
  • Zastava M70
  • Makarov PM
  • Ruger Mk II, Custom Grips
  • SIG P220 Carry SAS
  • SIG P220 Extreme
  • Walther P-99, Detachable Suppressor
  • Makarov PB, Detachable Suppressor
  • Beretta PX4 Storm
  • HK USP Match, Detachable Suppressor
  • HK USSOCOM Mk 23, Detachble Suppressor
  • Boberg XR-9, Laser Sight, Detachable Suppressor


  • Colt Anaconda, Blued Finish, custom grips
  • S&W M29 ‘Satan’ custom
  • S&W M29 ‘Trigun’ Custom (fictional)
  • Mateba Model 6 Unica

Semi-Auto Shotguns:

  • Saiga-12K


Multipart Links (not sure if these work right. Let me know):

VSP 1:

I’ll have the second part of the video up soon. Youtube is taking its time…

They have own w_models ? ^^

Most of them. There’s a small handful that don’t.

I uploaded some screenshots of some of the w_models. That’s not all of them though.

can’t open it

Unknown file format or broken

I remember this. Glad to see you’re still working on it.

Try another link. Which one’s broke? And you are using winrar or 7zip, correct?

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I tried mediafire. I’ll try dropbox.
The others I can’t… no prem acc.

For the multipart links you need each file downloaded to the same directory and then you need to open the 920kb folder, not ending in ‘Z0#’ with winrar.

These look really good! I will be downloading them shortly. Keep up the good work! :rock:

Holy shit, this is sexy.
Keep up the great work. :smile:

Much appreciated.

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Alright, now that this crap is all sorted out, I’m starting work on a new pack, standalone, to be released on workshop.

It’s a great addon, just the guns don’t break windows and they do not leave blood marks on anything… :confused: I love the weapons though! Very nice.

New release. Uploading to the workshop. This is standalone.

Workshop has been consistently giving me error 16, so here’s a link for the time being.

Hey, gov’. two of the links are labeled as ‘virus riddled’ for me. Could you by chance upload the pack to gamefront? Ta ta for now, impressive display regardless.

Okay, the 4shared one and rapid file actually GAVE me a virus. You may wish to check on that.

I don’t see how that’s possible. There’s absolutely nothing in those files that have anything malicious whatsoever. Can you give me some more details?

Oh! It’s not your files, my friend. The 4shared site seems to have some odd PUP program trying to download with it according to Norton, Malwarebytes and adware cleaner. Your files are fine, my friend. Just see if you can change the host for it.

You’re not clicking on the big green download button, are you? Because that’s an add…