Viral Testing Facility Project - Preview


Viral Testing Facility Project

Description/General Information

Very broadly put: This project will put the lives of millions into the hands of the scientist, who you play. Many viruses exist in this world today, and in this project we try to emulate them onto a viral testing surface - where the scientist creates and tests different cures and antidotes to try and neutralize each one.

More information on how we are going to pull off the project:

There will be more components:

In-depth descriptions of each part:

The syringe is a very crucial part of this project. Mounted on the edge of the testing table, this will actually transfer the selected virus to the viral testing surface.

Long-Term Storage
This device stores tall rods made of air-tight carbon fiber which hold viruses selected by the user. Each rod holds a virus.

Viral Testing Surface*
After countless often significant modifications, the following relatively standard table was adopted to serve a highly delicate scientific experimentation process of antidote creation and testing to protect humanity against dangerous viruses that the current equipment has an extensive collection of.

The structure you see under the surface is the transformer that takes energy from the generator and transfers it onto the surface.

the following miniature generator was originally purchased from an unknown distributor and upgraded using extremely rare materials that were rather problematic to get even in such relatively small quantities. It diverts and improves from a more standardized and robust version that was designed to power light weight military mechs, and other various relatively small vehicles, today it serves as an excellent energy source for the complex biological testing that is conducted in this facility.

Virus Mixer*
the following device was originally used for hazardous chemical manipulation until discovered by a group of individuals that are taking part in the project. It has been discovered that with small modifications, the mixer is more then capable of manipulating and working with viruses as well.

Short Term Virus Container
This device holds virus samples in thin tempered-steel rods surrounded by the air-tight carbon fiber used to create the long-term storage tubes.

Virus Facility
No description yet. :X
PLEASE keep in mind the facility is nowhere from done.

That is just about it for the images. Please please please understand this project isn’t finished yet, by a longshot. Yes, if you’re wondering I am Iron Lemonade. I’m doing most of the modeling, (Genkaz did the generator) and Genkaz is doing all of the E2 programming. We could really use the suppourt of fans on this project. There is no visible finished date when it’s going to be done, but we both assume it’s going to be soon. Keep in touch!

*description written by genkaz

–Iron Lemonade


Looking good.

Sounds cool but I don’t quite get it. You’re basically trying to cure viruses? And what happens if you don’t? We should be able to let them loose on a server :q:

My colleague did suggest having a scenario of an accident.

Looks pretty cool. looks all done in hammer, but really cool nonetheless.

Everything was created in a usual proper contraption manner.

is there a tl;dr version like i read some of it but its confusing and long

anyway it looks good i guess bitches dont know bout mah properties of mattah

Keep it up, I wana see this once its full :stuck_out_tongue:

glad to hear

Now some one needs to make some sents for that thing.

ooh shiny

i like it i just dont see how your going to ‘infect’ someone…

An infection on a player is definitely not planned at the moment, it might be in the future.

Once you get deeper into the world of garrysmod, you will understand that with E2 anything is possible.

E2 sucks!
So unoriginal omg

What happens if you blow the facility up or break anything? Does the server die a slow and agonizing death?

Step aside, everyone disregard the blatant troll

Kinda reminds me of Umbrella Corp.

I love these, mostly because they are very small and detailed, which is uncommon. Keep up the good work. :biggrin: