Virtual-On MARZ Temjin and "The Hatter"

Could someone rip the models from this game?

Specifically, these characters and their weapons;

Temjin 707S

Apharmd the Hatter

But there are a ton of models in that game, and I’m sure that plenty of people would like to have them. I just want those two. Best part is, no faceposing. They don’t have “faces” to pose.

Or if someone could just get them as T-Posed .3ds files, I can take them to Mariokartn64’s request thread and ask him to port them. As for the weapons, just plain old .3ds files would do nicely as well.

If someone happens to know these modes exist somewhere online, please post a link. Thanks.

Just gonna give this a bump. 3 bumps and…then I’ll let it go.

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i would like to see this

I’m actually surprised anyone knows about it. This game is so obscure these days.

OMG! I think I still own this game (And I don’t even own my PS2 anymore). I doubt I’ll be able to find it though, I got that game like, 6 years ago. That game sure was fun.

Yup. They released Ontario Tangram for the 360 as an Arcade Download, that was pretty awesome.

WHAT? When did they release this? I just checked it out here. I’m gunna have to buy this.

dude, i was seriously the best back in the days! not many people still talk about this.

Well, not only should they talk about it, they should start porting models from it.

there needs to be a MOD!

Hell yes! Although, we ain’t gonna get to that point without models and rigging.

its just a matter of getting all the ‘components’ together. we need models, an engine that aptly redefines the Virtual ON experience, and enough diversity not to get headbutted by anyone official.

Agreed. Think anyone capable will ever pick this up?

well if that ‘anyone’ includes me, then of course. otherwise i’m doing the best i can do with what i’ve got. and hopefully, soon, that will be much more. you will see a lot of things come from me. don’t say i didn’t tell you so first.

Well, I’ll be looking forward to them.

So…any progress or anything? Just bumping some old threads to see if anything’s going on, or if I should just drop my hopes for this stuff.