Virtual Reality support

There is any plan for gmod to support Virtual Reality(VR)?

No, neither Robotboy nor _Kilburn own a VR headset yet.
And even then, I doubt it’ll come at all.

As above.
We have had some supporrt for kinect but that got lost in the process I assume.

Doesn’t the hl2 engine support it?
I remember seeing that it does.

It’s not as simple. If I recall correctly we don’t have that version of the engine, and we will never have it.

Porting over Garry’s Mod to the version of the engine would take pretty much porting over the code, too much to even bother.

So we will never get VR support? …

Yes. Unless Valve changes their mind about giving out updated Source engine to Licensees and someone is willing to get me a VR headset, because I am most definitely not buying out as I have no use for it.

You can’t talk with Garry about that?(As Developer of Garrysmod game.)

Talk about what? The fact that he himself told me that we can’t get any updates for the Source Engine?

There is any option to add VR support without updating Source engine
I mean to create the support(Main functions etc…) for VR in Garrysmod (I dont know how its work with Source engine just asking…)

Everything is possible, but good luck with that.

Maybe with app that supports vr and simulated the movement. Which i doubt will be created.

The main problem it’s that developers don’t owns vr headset to do it…