Virtual Tabletop Game

A game concept that I’ve been mulling over for a good bit while thinking about S&Box and the possibilities of Source 2: Virtual Tabletop.

I love tabletop games. They’re good fun with friends and something almost anyone can enjoy, as the options range from simple games like Sorry! to more advanced games like Dungeons and Dragons. I find that, for some reason, I’ve got plenty of friends who enjoy games like Dungeons and Dragons online but hate to use the current, readily available web-based engines because of their cost and don’t want to try a game like Tabletop Simulator because of how slow it can get when a lot of assets are on screen, or how varied the quality in the assets are. I’m fairly certain that S&Box could be the solution to that.

My idea is currently going one of two or three ways:

  • DMs/Hosts run a VTT gamemode and have the ability to live-upload content such as maps or pieces to the game, dependent on what S&Box-at-release allows. Content will show up based on what kind of content it is (map, piece, card, etc).
  • DMs/Hosts run the gamemode with an additional content pack they compile themselves, and the gamemode provides them functionality to load those pieces in via commands or otherwise.
  • DMs/Hosts/Creators inherit a base gamemode with essential functionality to create their own content with is. See: VTTGame → CardGame → Uno, or VTTGame → Roleplay → DnD.

The above really depends on what is actually allowed at time of release. In the ideal world, and I’m fairly certain this is how the game will release anyway, is that a host can upload something to their game directory and connected players will download that content - usable right away.

At it’s core I’d imagine a VTT core game mode would contain the following:

  • Board/Map loading.
    • Either a direct image of a board, rendered onto a 3D mesh.
    • A dynamically loaded VTT file, supporting visibility and other RPG elements.
    • In-game board and map creation using stock assets for hosts in singleplayer?
  • Basic Card & Deck support.
    • Custom card designs by texture.
    • Dynamic deck creation, shuffling, etc.
  • Server/Host game saving so a game can be picked up at any time.
  • Spectator support for non-players.
  • Character and statistic sheet support for games that require it.
    • Light scripting? Hosts can define fields necessary for players to fill out.

There’s probably some more things that I’m missing, but it’s very late into my final semester at college and professors don’t care about free-time so I’ve been a bit scatterbrained. I just like Tabletop, and want more ways to play it with more friends. S&Box seems like a good shot for that, given the UI and in-game development functionality.

I suppose that my first project would be to get a simple card-game base working, then expand into more advanced territory from there using what’s learned.


This sounds nice, I’ve spent ~70 hours playing Tabletop Simulator with friends, it was a lot of fun! VR support would be amazing for this if/when we’ll get it, I can imagine something like the game Demeo (YouTube Trailer).

Will you implement the player’s “hand”? Basically these triggers where only chosen player and GM can see what’s inside, I’m sure it’ll be useful having it in the core game mode:

Also something like an mp3 (or maybe even YT :eyes:) player like the one in Tabletop, we used it in every game for background music, but it is not necessary, just nice to have everywhere so I’m not sure about it.

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I’m down for any ideas, more or less.

My general idea is to make it as close to and as accessible as Tabletop Simulator, but with some extra tools to make it easy for game hosts to expand and upload their own content without need to make a workshop addon - all based on what’s possible in the release build of S&Box, of course.

A music bot’s a must. I know sometimes when playing DnD I’ll be in a Discord call with the group also running Rhythm bot but it’d be nice to be able to localize it to the game. Could probably come with a command or setting for muting the bot in case someone wants to listen to their own tunes.

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