Virus add-on

I was downloading a whol bunch of zombie things…and i was trying to delte stuff off my garrys mod add ons,when i look into the zombie maddness please read note,a virus tried getting into my compueter,i denyied accsess and deleted it,when i went to my recycle bin,a WHOLE BUNCH of trojans and viruses tried getting into my comp,i have reason to believe that because the first virus came from zombie maddness,it has viruses in it,plz check it out…

uuuuuh… please spell better, so we can know what happened. So, you were downloading zombie addons, and one contained a virus? Delete the file, then RIGHT CLICK the recycle bin, and click “empty recycle bin”. Then do a virus scan, as the addon could have contained a virus that lets others onto your computer.

Agree. Note to add on to Shmaaa’s reply, when you want to completely remove something from your computer, then hold shift + delete and a message should come up asking if you want to permanently delete the file. and also, good reply schmaaa. A Useful for you. And a Bad Spelling for SirDino. XD