Virus client.dll

Myself and many other players are experiencing problems in game, entities and players become invisible and anti-virus software reports a trojan inside the Garry’s Mod .dll files. I’m assuming these issues are related. This is after the latest update.

Same trouble here - [GG] Chicken

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Garry’s Mod is a common virus that is known to wipe your hard drive.

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You could temporarily add Garry’s Mod to your whitelist/exclude list/ignore list until your AV software fixes the issue in its virus definitions.

Yeah, that stops the AV popups, but that doesn’t fix the issue with rendering entities. And I like to see my entities.

Does the invisible glitch happen at the same time as your AV triggering?

No, I’ve not actually had any triggers, but many others have. The invisible bug happens when it wants to, I have to re-launch Garry’s Mod to temp fix it until it wants to break again. This issue was not present before the update and the reported .dll “virus”