Virus Gamemode

Here’s an idea, borrowed shamelessly from Timesplitters (who probably got it from someone else and so on): at the start of the game, all players are on the same team save for one: he is the first ‘infected’. The infected player goes around trying to infect the other players by walking into them; they then join his team, and run around trying to infect everyone else. Last one uninfected wins points equal to the playercount (ie 5 man game, winning nets 5 points), with the infected also gaining points for infecting others.

Suiciding or otherwise dying results in you respawning as an Infected. Infected players only have the crowbar, however, whilst the uninfected get pistols, shotguns and smgs. For extra fun, the more infected players there are, the more / better equipment the uninfected gain, possibly something like this:
1 Infected: Crowbars
2 Infected: Pistols
3 Infected: SMGs
4 Infected: Shotguns
And so on…

Any thoughts? I don’t know how hard it would be to implement, but it’s always a fun game to play.

Most excellent. Thanks!