Virus on (Trojan?)

He says it’s a virus he got, and the file type in a .flp and I don’t know what that is, any ideas?

lol. new type addon :stuck_out_tongue:


FLP is flash project. Adobe flash project. So it can’t be virus.

u can still migrate it to be an trojan thats what happen most of the time in keygens or java scripts

It doesn’t make sense. Why would somebody upload a Trojan with filename “Trojan”. “This file is trojan download and test it lol” :biggrin: He’s just kidding. I hope so.

Lol Idk, and why do you have to be a smart alec Hakita?

Because I dont want to be dumb.

Smartass is a better word than I chose. I’ll give you a box for your gold member.

And that sir, is Elitism.

More boxes for your Gold Member :v: You should make a box fort.

Rated tool for obvious reasons.

Get a trojan condom, put it over the internet cable (if it’s big enough) and now your safe, you won’t get any trojans with the trojan condom on.

Trojan prop FTW?

I put 2 on so I am double safe. I hope Hakita’s Box Fort of Goldness doesn’t collapse on me :ohdear:


If you’re implying I’m going to assist him in the construction of the Box Fort you are sadly mistaken :crying:

It will steal your RAM don’t run it

Lua_king’d why haven’t you exit facepunch? You can’t understand that we don’t like you here?

On-Topic: The file isn’t found, what was exactly?

To the ontopic question: It was something called “Trojan” (Its deleted now) and the description said something like “Its a virus I got dont download it” and it was something.flp :v:

Off Topic: OrDnAs why aren’t you in the OIFY?


But I like my ram :crying:


its called 700gbs of pron