Virus - Part one


gonna be continued

thinking of the story as i go

Like I said, I like it so far.


It’s been a while since i did a comic

Interesting, you have me hooked.

hook line and fisher


also thx

This is like my idea for a comic, but it was crappy and never posted it.


the idea is p. generic tbh

keep this up.

ok i will


WHOA i was like where are you on steam but i found out you were there all along

your name was diff lol

I like the story, nice job, I’d like to see another.

looks very photo realistic. keep them coming.

thanks it’ll probably come tomorrow night or something


Thanks, I don’t know about photo realistic though lol

Looks very interesting. I do hope to see more.

Thanks, There will be

It felt short, and also seemed to be lacking something…

But it’s an interesting idea though, having everyone remain in suits, and it doesn’t seem to be another ‘zombie/mutant-creating virus’ comic. I think I’ll be keeping tabs on you.


I thought it was kind of short too

And I guess i could say it was lacking a conclusion for the first part

it ends with him just walking :\

Gah fuck fire crasker, I scroll down to avoid your avatar, and you post again!
Anyways, awesome, I love it.

Thank ye

Interesting… interesting indeed.

Also, is that vacuum cleaner for sale?

Nice boobs.

I mean, nice comic.