Virus Part Two Promo

Fun Fact
The actual comic would have been done yesterday but then Garry’smod kept crashing on me about some vertex buffer
so maybe later today or tomorrow




At first I thought he was eating the helmet like a burger.

I look forward to it Kracker. I’m glad it doesn’t take as long as say my comics or Beyond Borders.

lol yeah

you guys spend too much time writing

or something

actually maybe i should spend more time writing lol


since i create the story as i pose lol

Hate to say it, but I can’t say I’m impressed so far (with either this promo or the first one).

I can’t comment on the editing, because all the editing I’ve seen are simple text boxes and a brown filter.

Posing, I will admit from what I’ve seen so far, is pretty damn good. I’ll give you full points for that - I wish I could pose as good as you.

Story? What story? So far, I haven’t seen anything actually story-related. Even the background is pretty ambiguous - something happened that causes people to have to wear masks. That’s all we got - we don’t even know who the main character is. The fact nothing happened in the first part also suggests that the author doesn’t know what he’s doing. The fact you admitted you’re writing the story as you go strongly supports this.

This promo reveals a little more light, but also brings up more questions, such as “Who are the ‘We’?”

I think the biggest problem is that your first part was too short, and nothing happened. If the first part was longer, maybe you would have hooked me a bit more. As it is, though, there’s nothing unique or eye-catching here. The having to wear masks is nothing new. The ambiguity is a pretty old and cheap tact, suggesting the possibility that the author doesn’t really know the background to his own story.

I’m not going to write this comic off as bad, though, simply because I need to see more to make a judgment call. I’m not going to say it’s good, either.

I’ll simply be awaiting something more substantial.

Again, though, your posing is very good Fire Kracker, and I’m sure that you can make this quite incredible, if all goes well. We’ll see, though. :smile:

Just to Reiterate: I’m not trying to be harsh or exceptionally negative, Fire. I just feel that you need an honest and fair review, after seeing all these soulless comments of how awesome it is. This is purely for your benefit - hopefully you can alleviate some of my fears and disappointments, and take pointers from others. That is, after all, the point of a review - to benefit the reviewed author. :buddy:

Awesome-ass. Liking this premise quite a bit.

Thanks, you’re the first person to actually comment about the bad story telling, I appreciate it really. I’ve never really been good at story telling or otherwise but I’ll make sure I explain it more in the next one, Maybe actually I might just restart the series explaining more things.

Thanks for saying it though, I knew the writing was bad but you are the first to recognize it apart from myself.

nice editing, but i think you couldve been more creative with the text in terms of size, color, font, etc.

I like it a lot. And I also like your avatar :smug:

Yeah don’t worry about it, I appreciate it.


will do lol

Post link to comic noobcake

:frowning: okay


but i feel like restarting it will better story telling

Oh man your avatar. :buddy:

Also I like the comic, hope part 2 is as good as the last.

I cant Focus with your Avatar.

But from what I could focus on it looks pretty damn good

I gave him that avatar :smug:

It’s pretty good. The hard contrast fits, in my opinion. :buddy: There isn’t any fingerposing, though. Right?