Why is this file still available to the public? may not need moderation, but it at least needs a file-scanning system. Or at least some kind of flagging system like they had before (or so I was told). The above file contains a virus.

I remember you can report files like this but I’m not sure what happened to it.

“No Zip contents available”

I’m downloading and extracting, in order to find any strange content.
The map content contains a zip and a ent file. I see nothing strange here.

The file has no viruses. Just because the person said it is virus free doesn’t mean that it definitely has one.

it prolly used to have a virus but got fixed or someone claimed it had a virus so he just put up virus free. Hell he could have even put virus free just to fuck with people and see how fast it would be reported

or he was worried people would think it had a virus, and added virus free, my grandmother when she first learnt about viruses, added onto every email she sent “And please do not send me any bugs”

Eh makes sense I mean look, he’s reuploading the most common map in garrysmod which clearly means he does not have the know-how to make his own stuff, that put together with virus paranoia actually explains everything.