all i can say is hubba hubba

more overbloomed genericness with an unfitting title.

the title is completely unfitting

not like, you know, supposed to go with the story


Last time I used that quote, it started a 2 page discussion whether it was grammatically correct or not

Fire with hard edges giving off no light, excessive bloom, too much grain, really horribly pasted on nuke.

I usually appreciate your refreshing style, but I’ve seen you do much better.


where is my god? :colbert:

man this is deep

you just don’t get it

And where is your god NOW?

I don’t get how it looks bad?

Sorry but terribly pasted on effects… that’s not style it just sucks.

this is how pictures should be made

more like “I am become Big Image; the destroyer of bandwidth”.

Congratulations! That was genuinely funny!

The Choptah itself looks pretty good, the mushroom goin on in the background looks nasty.

Considering the nuke in the background, the title is perfectly appropriate.

Buy you some learnin’.

It’s not even big.


Pic’s very nice, i like this style imo, i wouldn’t make it too bloomy though and ease off on film grain, you can see too much of the film grain in the right side (idk if it’s film grain or noise though)

It’s almost like the picture was printed on sand paper.

Nice, though, explosions and shit.

It’s a tool, that meets a picture! Let’s use it as a weapon! For we have the power of Capcom logic!

Why are you such a horrible poster.

I… uhm… Wha-?

I’m not sure how to respond.