visible when up close

I don’t know what its called but I see it in some maps, were it will stop rendering the world and props if i back away from it and it will fade in when i get close to it.

what am I thinking of and how do i use it.

Probably the Far Z Clip Plane set by an env_fog_controller.

That or fade distance, the setting is in the properties of things like props.

nah its a func something or maybe a texture that fades black or white when you get far from it, and it helps with optimizing your map(not rendering models or brushes)

a good example of why I want to know this is because on gm_ps_Hugeflatconstruct there is a “no-lag room” where if there is alot of stuff going on outside then when you step inside of the room then you don’t render all of it.

Area portals?

hmm maybe, how do i use them

Link 1

Link 2

yep thanks.
you are awesome