Visions of War (A Warhammer 40k image gallery)

I have been doing alot more Warhammer 40k pics lately.


Will post all my WH40k related stuff in this thread.

very cool, just like most of 40k art pictures. i don’t really see anything wrong

where are everyone getting these newer models

Acutally pretty good.

Nice rimlighting in the first one.

Can I ask where you got the Ultra marines?
If you skinned them or what. they’re beautiful.

Yes, it is my personal Ultramarine skin. I will release it soon once I finish skinning the Terminator, Dreadnoughts etc…

Very nice man. Especially with this nice “everyone-stay-on-everyone” W40K style :slight_smile: .

Very nice work on both pictures.

I am curious, where did you get the Ultramarines re-skin for those DoW II models? And would you be willing to share? :buddy:

Page didn’t update. Never mind.

I love the first one, even though the effects are somewhat cartoony.

I never worry about creating custom skins for Space Marines in DOW 1 and 2, cause the Ultra Marines skin looks so dam good.

Exelent pictures indeed.

Awesome both pictures.

Ork Kommandos ‘silencing’ an Imperial Guard outpost.


Green is best.

Air combat. This one was fun to pose and edit.


That one could almost be mistaken for a screenshot from DoW2.

Very nice work.

now do one of the guard killing everyone

You’re telling him to do a screenie of some flak jacket clad weaklings armed with flashlights…
ah, what am I saying, such talk would get me sh- [gets shot for heresy]

Hot damn, you got the first picture pretty much nailed to the real drawing. Awesome stuff man.

WAAGH! Time to get stuck in, boyz!

And the Imperial Guard plans with the Space Marine to take down the Eldar titans.