Visiting a brother's grave.

I wanted to do some editing, but i’m bad at it, so it’s just simple editing.

( He’s a ghost if you don’t get it)

Alternate version, which i much less prefer…

I choose the first one.

I thought people would :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is this posed in a TF2 setting?

I liked the idea of having the grave next to a river, and my Gmod recently got wiped, so i don’t have any maps with rivers, when it struck me that Sawmill had one in the closed off area.

Well here’s a fresh new map and its really good

Looks awesome, thanks! I’ll definitely do a pose for it tommorow.

Yeah, the TF2 really ruined it for me.

I rather like the idea of this, but the ghost editing is a little weird
but like ARR DARMA said above the TF2 must go.

I suggest for the editing on the ghost, you take two pictures, same angle, same poses, except in one the ghost is missing.
that way you can edit it so that the ghost is in and transparent, seeing as how if the ghost was already transparent in gmod he’d be harder to edit.

I’ll try that right now.

Filler while you wait.

Probably a bit akward looking, drugged up on anti-flu meds atm! Off to do the suggested ARR.

That looks like rape to me…

TF2 map + default skins + some isolated filter rape = lame.

His brother died from filterrape?

I guess so.
Damn you Sottalytober you raped him to death.

Explained the TF2 map already, but it was a bad choice, does one guy really = filter rape? And it is probably lame, i have to agree :confused:

edit: Can you recommend me some different skins for WW2? Until Bloo gives up the CoD5 models, i’m not sure what to use.

Meh CoD5 models are over-rated. This guy makes amazing stuff:

Thank you very much. I’ll try to redo this picture without using filter rape.