visiting a old friend.

I was bored and came up with this.

Bloom, tone it down, it does impact a feeling on you though.

the posing on the living guy is a little off. Did you remember to tuck in the butt? Also, your bloom seems a little excessive. Other than that, s’all good.

This same scene was done long time ago by another guy, cant remember who right now…
Not saying that you copy his idea just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

The ghostish effect on the spirit looks bad.

damnit i forgot to tuck the butt in. i had a feeling i forgot to do something lol

NEVER, I repeat, NEVER forget the butt tuck.

Well i just used the color tool so i guess thats prety lazy but i dont any other ways to make ragdolls transparent D:


yeah wont make that mistake again lol



It was me :stuck_out_tongue:

D: if your going to say i stole your idea i didn’t. So dont kill me k thanks

You sir are awesome for actually making an original war themed pose.

I don’t believe in stealing pictures. You’re just borrowing an idea. Nothing more nothing less.

Not even borrowing, people usually think about the same stuff all the time :v: sometimes I think about the a pic and say “This is so original, I have to make it!” then I take a look in this section an see a new pic with that idea :v:


I like the idea, and the picture. It’s simple and great, although the dead soldier is posed quite weirdly (mostly around his legs).

o lol spelling error DX

This is perfect for veterans day :slight_smile: