visportal crash...Noooooooo!

Hammer stops working after about 2 on the visportal load. Vvis.exe is using like 75 cpu usage but it doesn’t move. I’ve waited an hour for it and it hasn’t moved. I looked up some optimization techniques but I’m fairly sure it has nothing to do with that because it is a fairly small map. However, in my last edit I made some of the breakable windows prop_detail “tiny_wood” or something like that. I’m not sure if that might effect it but I don’t know where I’m going wrong.

Any suggestions are appreciated, also I would gladly let someone take a look at the map if they didn’t mind doing so.

Lots of the times, the compiler might look like it crashes but it really hasn’t. If you can send me the .vmf I will check it out or post a pic of it in hammer. The .vmf would be best but if you don’t trust me or what ever… up to you.

Do you mean a func_detail, because I don’t think you suppose to func_detail glass. You func_detail things like a 64x64x128 pillar in a room because it doesn’t block much visibility.

Use visgroups to check what is func_detail’d and what is not. If you accidentally cut and paste details with ignore groups turned on, they are pasted as standard brushes.

If that doesn’t work, you may have a severely buggered up brush that hammer is unable to render - cut and paste your map to a new vmf and this should be resolved.

You can func_detail glass, however it will be unbreakable.

If you don’t func_detail glass, it creates extra portals.

Glass is unbreakable when applied to a standard brush by default. You have to tie it to func_breakable(_surf) to make it breakable, in which case it does not block visibility from VBsp’s point of view anyway.

I know, what I meant is that if you func_detail glass it can never be breakable.

If you don’t want breakable glass you should func_detail it, it’s as gigabite said, it will cut up visleafs if not func_detailed.

It’s not concerning my breakable windows It’s just that I may have edited some values just to see what comes of them as a result. Ill send a .vmf to anyone that askes, I’m not real worried about the map being stolen or anything. I’m also like 90% sure it’s not concerning it taking a long time because like i said the map is not that big.

To iconic: use func_viscluster, make cube-like brush, paste it on big parts, texture it with trigger, but only one thing: don’t put func_viscluster brushes too close. That helped me.
P.S. Sorry for bad spelling, i’m very ill atm.

Func_viscluster should only be used on big areas where there are many vileafs that can see each other , by telling VVIS manually that they can see each other you can speed up the compiling process.

Is the map taking place in a big open area? How does the map look? You could launch the map and write “mat_leafvis” in the console, this will let you see the visleafs as you enter them.

It’s a relativly small map, filling about a quarter of the grid. I’ll try out what you guys said when I get home.