Vista and GMod cleaning

So I have a vista and every time I try to rename my garrysmod/garrysmod folder to clean it out, I get

And every time I click Try Again on the bottom window, it just closes and reopens the bottom window… This is really annoying… Any way around it? Should I just delete my garrysmod/garrysmod folder?

are you on an administrative account?

Back when I used vista, I was the admin on my computer, and I got this problem with some folders once in a while. I ended up having to just live with the problem, until I got a new OS.
If he’s the admin, it might still say this to him.

I am the administrator and damn if I can’t fix this… :c

If it helps any, I’ve not had any problems like this since I got win7.

Well I don’t think I’ll be getting windows 7 anytime soon, so would deleting the file show the same outcome as renaming it?

Check if steam is running, maybe it might be the culprit.

It would likely give you the same error after renaming it.

Well I’ve started deleting and it was going fine without any error messages, but I’ve stopped the deleting process after getting nervous… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hold on, turning off steam is working so far.


Ahh but to no avail, there’s still the one file now named garrysmodold.


So basically, I think my problem now is, steam isn’t replacing the garrysmod/garrysmod folder when I rename it.