Vista Gmod Dedicated Server Help?

I have 2 computers, one running Gmod, the other running Dedicated Server. The other is vista. I can’t open srcds.exe on that one, I’ve tried running it as if it was on XP, I’ve run it as administrator, I’ve regularly opened it, nothing happened.

I’ve ran SRCDS.exe on my Vista computer, it runs fine, you might have installed it wrong.

I installed it fine. I got HldsUpdateTool.exe, typed in cmd.

C:\Users\*****>cd c:\srcds
C:\srcds> HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game garrysmod -dir games

HldsUpdateTool.exe came up, and installed all the files, including srcds.exe.

Why did you install it to ‘games’ directory?

I don’t believe you installed it right… your directory should look like -dir “C:\FolderName”