Vista Rust/EAC loading conflict

I was wondering if there was a time frame for when this issue will be resolved. I haven’t been able to load and play the game since the update was released last week. I love the game and am frustrated that there hasn’t been a resolution yet and that I can’t check out the new improvements in the update.

I’ve been banging on about it so they’re probably ignoring us poor old (Ex)Vista users. Instead I found a bypass in the form of buying Windows 7 and a fresh install <sigh>

It’s not something you can fix from your end, trust me I tried and It’s not an EAC issue unless they happened to change something at the exact same time as the Friday UD so your at the mercy of the Dev’s (as always). You have my sympathy though…

p.s. I’m sending the invoice to Garry@FacePunch :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Silverdom. I’m not willing to update the OS on this system as I’m going to be upgrading to a newer system in a couple of months, but I don’t want to wait that long to play Rust again either, lol. Hopefully Garry has seen the issue posted and is having it worked on for all of us loyal and non-complaining players who’ve been along for the Rust ride for so long.

I’m not sure about Vista but several times with 8 I’ve had to uninstall EAC, then run Steam as admin and reinstall EAC before it would work. Try it and see if that does it.


EAC is fully compatible with Windows Vista. Could you elaborate what specifically happens or which error message do you get when starting the game? Have you installed the latest Windows Service Pack 2?

I click play in Steam, it gives me the menu to choose Rust or Legacy, If I choose Rust it appears to launch but nothing happens from there, the game never starts. If I open my Task manager I can see the RustClient.exe file running as well as EAC running in my processes. It seems they both start, but then are locking up and not advancing at all. If you look in the Steam forum, there are quite a few people having this issue. A couple have updated out of Vista and the problem has gone away. I do have the latest SP done as well. This started immedialtely after the last update.

probably worth posting your specs rezbow.