Vista Wireless

I’ve got Vista 32 bit and play Gmod over Wireless. Ping is always fine.
Every so many minutes I get a ‘auto-disconnect in 40 seconds’ and regain connection at 11.3 seconds left.

Someone in the server said it was Vista wireless checking for a new connections for 30 seconds from time to time. Where can I turn it off that it automatically checks for new connections? I can’t find the checkbox and this is really annoying, sometimes I crash while regaining connection.

Help much appreciated!

This has absolutely nothing to do with Gmod. If you want a better answer than you will most likely recieve here, you should ask either whoever you bought your PC from, or whoever you bought your Vista from, or Microsoft.

I don’t understand why some people don’t use those alternatives before asking from the most unreliable source they can get their hands on… >.>

On topic: My guess would be somewhere in the control panel -> internet? I don’t have vista so I can’t look.

Edit: Or what the below post says.

Go to the hardware and software forum, technical support. You’ll get more help there.