Visual bug regarding the flashlight use on the map

Hi again guys, this time another problem arised. Now for some reason every time I turn on the flashlight on the map THIS happens:

Flashlight turned off:

Lastly for some reason I dont have this bug on this part of the map:

I dont know whats causing it but I belive it might have something to do with the skybox. I recently changed it from a hl2 skybox to the Italy skybox, but again I dont know and I havent tried changin it again. Any ideas?

r_flashlight_farz 8192 fixes it, but so does having proper vis calculation, something is wrong with VIS (maybe you’re running it on -fast?)

Thanks for the reply and the tip Legend286. When something like this happens I like to check the compile log and paste it on the error listing for a quick rundown on what is fucking my shit up. Thing is it just give me this message: Warning: vrad was included more than once in this compile log.

I belive the entire compilation process is busted for some reason. Here is the raw log:

Is a VIS problem but the log is clean. Load up the portal file and go to that place, maybe is something wrong with a hint-skip brush that makes consider the game that zone as no visible.

If yes place more hint-skip brushes.

I dont know what you mean, I belive I havent used any skip brush in the map only player clips. Since I learned about optimization I make everything a func_detail like a schizophrenic. When loading the portalfile this is what I get:
This one is in the exact same place where the first screenshot was taken

Being this one the second screenshot place.

This is the main area

what place do you mean by “go to that place”?