Visual weapons on characters while running. An ocular pat down.

I’m talking about a rifle being strung along the back, or maybe a makeshift holster on the side of the leg.

This would provide another use for clothes, and open up more variety beyond just stats.
Or what if clothes had “sockets” that can hold weapons, much like weapons would hold modifications.
Like a jacket with a front holster.

If you wanted to get real deep with it, this could affect weapon draw and holster speed too.

Its a good way to provide a better visual assessment of what is more of a threat. This would help against those players that would run around naked with a shotgun, say they are friendly and then blast the person when looking away. You would be able to save your or someones life by providing an ocular patdown.

For real though, this would be a game changer. A real innovation to provide a new depth of gameplay, and I feel like Rust would be a good fit for this.

I expect vweps to make it in sooner or later, once the gameplay stuff and sleeping bag glitches and such are ironed out.

Also, cheers to the Always Sunny reference =)

This has been suggested often and i’m pretty sure something like this will end up being in the game.

Glad to hear it has been suggested before and even happier to see positive remarks about the idea of it.

We need more sheriff of Paddy’s around.