vital Addons

Ok i have so much shit in my garrysmod folder i won’t bother to save any of it, ('cept wire since i can’t find it after 2 seconds of searching)
but right now i’m at a lan party and we are going to play Gmod soon.The Problem is that i don’t know that many good addons and my friends do neither.
I’ve already added:

all the kermite weapons
GM_moviestuff (we need some kind of greenscreen for something)
Probuilders_stool pack
TF2 models
TF2 sweps
and that 113 tool pack
L4D/L4D2 models

What more could i use for a LAn party, we are planning on having a “build a base and then kill eachother” competition and we are going to do an L4D/L4D2
adds L4D/L4D2 models to the list (yes i usually forget things)
What more do you think i should get?
(AKA what are generally good addons)


oh yea, i’m going out for like 30 min so i won’t be responding to you, but i would appreciate you posting addons without my presence

add machinima hands

You know you need Left for Dead for the models right? Same thing goes with TF2.