Vitals for Animals

I’m not too sure if this is planned or not, but fuck it I didn’t see this yet on the forums so I might as well post it

I hunt in real life, and one of my favorite thing to do in the game is hunt with the bow. I would like to be able to shoot something in the heart, lungs, brain…anus.
I think this will add more realism to the game, instead of shooting a bear 4 times with the bow.

I imagine something like this is pretty far down the developers to do list but it would be nice to see localized damage for all situations not just hunting animals, if you hit someones leg they will move slower, if you hit an arm they get more weapon sway. At the moment all we have is the head shot.

This opens up more opportunity for immersive game play and means that crippling someone and running is a viable situation if you are of the not so deadly persuasion.

They kinda have this, and I’m sure it’s going to be improved. Pigs wolves and deer can be one-shotted in the head. (actually the sweet spot on the deer seems to be the top area of the neck) If bears have a critical location I haven’t found it yet, but I’ve been told that in RL a bear’s head is very hard to get through and the best place to hit them is in the lungs.