Viviparous Servers
Viviparous is a fairly new group of servers that has 4 Garry’s Mod servers (2 of which are dev servers). 1 of the servers is going to have Umbrella RolePlay (read about it here.) It also has 2 CS:S servers, one of which is a regular 24 slot server that mainly runs on cs_office and another server that is Deathrun. The regular CSS server has a fair amount of players most of the time. The IPs are:

Viviparous Servers | Server #1 | RP [FastDL + PHX]
Viviparous Servers | Server #2 | Umbrella [FastDL]
Viviparous Servers | Server #3 | CSS
Viviparous Servers | Server #5 | Deathrun

Hell Yeah Zombie :slight_smile:

Great community, I especially love the dedication put into making the gamemodes, especially RP. The owner of these servers is always polite and respects people. Definitely not a nazi as some people say.

Plz, sarcasm.

Dedication as in stealing gamemodes and claiming you created them in their entirety lol


More details if you have them? Sounds like an explanation from the OP is in order.

he just mad because i made an RP and he quit halfway through

Drew and I were assigned to revamp Darkland RP. I quit halfway through, and after it was finished, Drew took the gamemode and claimed to have coded it in its entirety, saying I’d only coded 2 lines. His linecount of 10k that he brags about is the result of him counting every line of every file he edited in the slightest. Not to mention he apparently believes he coded the entire gamemode despite the fact that the gamemode he hosts, SEOW2, is really just a tiny edit compared to the base gamemode, Darkland RP, that we worked it up off of.

In other words, we made small edits, he snatched it, claims to have coded it all.


You’re such a fucking liar.

We started from scratch if you don’t remember, oh wait you came in when I needed a HUD and quit a month later.

In fact, it’s all hand made with a few things added in from the original Darkland RP. The fact remains that I made it, and you didn’t code very much at all, breaking a lot.

If they can have a PERP thread, I can have this thread.

Because I’ve heard of Kopimi - seen him around the Lua section, and because his story sounds so much more believable:

Gamemode is stolen.

And you haven’t heard of me?

Call it what you will, maybe you’ll never understand my reasoning, only a few do.

Let me explain here why I consider it not stolen, Kopimi is lying through his teeth.

I spent around 5 months on this gamemode, Kopimi came along about a month in to help me make a HUD because I can’t design for shit.

We worked together for about a month and a half on many things, including a new lock picking system and door system.

We helped each other out with things.

But suddenly, he quit admin, and left me alone with the gamemode.

I worked for 4 more months by myself, with ideas thrown in from other players and such.

If I must to prove myself, you can compare the original Darkland RP code with mine, it’s very very different.



This argument is so tired and obviously one sided that I’m not going to bother progressing it.


Its well known it was stolen from darkland when he raged and got banned.

Actually I am only forum banned for harassing the new dev lol.

You’re the one who stole it after receiving the password and leaking it.

Ironic that after it was leaked, and the person who leaked it ADMITTED it and ADMITTED they used server exploits to do so, a witch hunt was held, and the retarded populous of Darkland ran me out after you planted the idea in their heads that I was the one to leak it, you decide to take it from Darkland and still complain about me “leaking” it.

Hi my name is drew.

I am retarded enough to give out my password information and then cry when it gets used by someone.

Bro you should try reading the steam chat windows…

Never tell your password to anyone.

Then I go and do what is essentially the same thing as what was done; except rather then saying where it comes from I claim I did the entire thing.

The gamemode is stolen.

I was talking to Darkspider earlier today. I asked him about it. He said you stole it, which makes sense because you had access to the entire code. I’m not sure anything you could say could ever refute that statement.

Good luck with your servers, though. You’re really going to need it for being a whiny, thieving liar.

<Insert his servers game monitor… No surprise… 0/40>

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