Vivir Mi Vida

Tried out the new Slateline map, I feel like this is the only part of the map that is fit for screenshots.
And to celebrate Mexican Independence Day. (Even though that was like, 2 days ago after this post…)

Feeling like Sunrise kinda sets the mood with this shot too, I guess because of the warmness the sun brings after a cold night.

At least get some fitting music in this thread :dogcited:

Good attention to details & composition, the birds/soda can/other stuff are all good additions. I’d try and jitter the birds’ positions even more so their spacing between each other is less uniform, as well as consider adding different tree models. It seems you already have some scenebuild packs installed - you should consider scenebuilding scenes like these, especially if they don’t require you to add in ground - you’ll have a lot more control then.