[VJ Base] Warframe NPCs

So a friend and I have put together a rough start to a Warframe NPC pack using VJ base. As of right now, the NPCs feature custom sounds (from Warframe of course) and custom weapons (lacking custom models atm). Besides that, they’re heavy WIP. Since VJ base is so flexible we’re looking into adding NPCs of the Warframes themselves, but that’s to come later.

Here are some screenshots of the NPCs in action:


View the rest of the images here: http://imgur.com/a/8qfmw

As of right now we’re currently looking for people who’d like to help us, as this is a pretty ambitious project for just the two of us. If you have decent experience with LUA coding, VJ base coding, or custom model rigging please let me know via PM! We really want to make this a decent NPC pack.

To do list:

  • [del]Custom weapon world models[/del] ✓Done!

  • More skins for the Corpus and Grineer (Eximuses and other variants)

  • More models

  • Working Osprey deployment for the Corpus Tech

  • Fixes for some faction issues

  • Sound files for the Syndicate NPCs (maybe)

  • General improvements to make the NPCs act more like they do in the actual game

  • More lines for AladV

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for these NPCs. Please keep in mind the limitations of VJ Base and the Source engine.


Vj - VJ Base

Nikout - Models

Coverop - Sounds

Smorgie - Sounds

Me (Keithy on Steam) - Coding and spawn icons

This looks amazing man, I would help but I know nothing of making something like this which sucks cause this looks like an amazing project. Also wanted to ask with this project would that include ragdolls or is it pure NPCs?