VJ HUD - The most advance HUD

Meh people are assholes this is canceled. If you want it message me on Steam. My Steam name is: DrVrej
Hello everyone, as most of you know me as SNPC Coder, well today I am not showing a new SNPC pack. Instead I am showing a new Advance HUD for Garry’s Mod called “VJ HUD”

=== Features ===

  • Advance Health System
  • Comes with percentage and a bar
  • Gives warning when the player is on low health
  • Health bar and text color changes depending on player’s health
  • Gives a notification when player is dead
  • Advance Armor
  • bar and percentage
  • Advance Ammo Bar
  • Shows current ammo, left over ammo and Secondary fire
  • Detects if the weapon uses ammo or not
  • Changes color and text depending on the ammo level
  • Works with any weapon addons!
  • Gives a notification when player does not have a weapon
  • Advance Weapon information
  • Shows the weapon name
  • Shows amount of grenade
  • Shows amount of weapon the player is holding
  • Detects whether flashlight is on or off
  • Advance information - Bottom Left
  • Time (H/M/S/A-PM)
  • Date (M/D/Y)
  • Ping and FPS
  • MPH and KPH
  • Kills and Deaths
  • Team
  • Map Name and Gamemode
  • Detects if the player is admin or not
  • Detects if cheats are on or not
  • Advance Information - Top Left
  • Detects the object/entity player is looking at
  • File location info
  • Class
  • Position and Angle
  • Type of object/entity
  • object/entity’s health (percentage and bar)
  • Sends Notification if player is out of the map
  • Advance Detecting system
  • Shows how far the object is in FT
  • Gives a notification and color changes depending on the detected object
  • Detects over 20+ Objects and Entitys
  • Examples: Grenades, Health kits, Buttons, Suit Battery, Mines, Chargers and Etc.
  • Also Shows if the Detecting is enabled or not in the HUD
  • Advance Compass
  • Gives side directions
  • Advance Customization
  • No need to restart the map or game for changes to take effect!
  • Comes with a menu that has the following options:
  • Disable the whole HUD
  • Disable Health and Armor
  • Disable Ammo
  • Disable Bottom Left HUD
  • Disable Top Left HUD
  • Disable Compass
  • Disable Detecting
  • Disable Crosshair
  • Change Crosshair’s Size and Opacity
  • Enable regular Garry’s Mod HUD and Crosshair
  • Advance Crosshair
  • Can change Size and Opacity

== Enjoy! ==

Saying this is advance is like saying a computer running windows 98 that has an unfished research paper vs. a computer with windows 7 with a finish research paper is more advanced. Displaying more information doesn’t equal advance. Also I’m quite sure displaying this with have a noticeable impact on fps and performance.

So the only thing you focused on is the ping and fps? So basically you ignored all of the other features that require a lot of work to make and just focused on the ping and fps? Let’s see you make something better then this.

Let’s see what you have release-… o wait.

Releases Section, no release.

And I get your HUD is more ‘advance’ than your English.

So now your making fun of my English?

Well, I’m going to be honest, it does look interesting. It’s also going to lag people a lot. Yes, I know you’re talking about how people are “focused on FPS and ping” of course they are. This is sandbox with you spawning a couple of NPC’s once in a while. Imagine how bad you’ll lag when you actually use this. Not to mention lower resolutions will have a harder time reading the information.

You’re putting a lot of information just to put it in. It doesn’t make it advanced. The other problem is that the information is useless anyways. Why are you giving the position and angles? That’s causing unwanted lag. You’re going to lag especially when you’re holding something or looking at it because it gets the position every second. I literally don’t see any purpose for the top left of the HUD at all.

If you’re trying to get the NPC information such as their health, which I think is what your main goal was for the top left, then why not just do cam.Start3D2D and make it draw above the NPC’s head? You’ll get all the information about it and it’ll save space and useless information being show all the time. It’ll actually be much better because no one is going to fucking look up at the top left every time they’re shooting at an NPC. Makes the information useful if you do it above their heads.

I’d recommend using the MPH and/or KPH only in a vehicle. Don’t show the map name it’s pointless. People don’t need to see it 24/7.

Just constructive criticism to help your little “advance” HUD. Seems like you’re just showing off that you can put a lot of useless shit on the screen. Nice 10 second intro about your “gaming” channel. 'Cause I’ve never seen those before.

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So, release the fucking thing.

Well first off, this HUD does not lag. Second if you read the features, you would see that there is a way to disable parts of the HUD. This addons is not meant for people that don’t read or lazy people who can’t go in the menu for 5 seconds. Also this is my own HUD, I can do anything I want. For me the position and Angle is useful because it helps me when I am making SNPCs, I need for a lot of things. Now next time please read before posting thanks.

1 Hour Ago Last edited by vrej; 1 Minute Ago at 11:48AM. Yeah, it does now after you added it in. You didn’t have that there before. This was the only “disabling” you could do:

  • Disable Compass
  • Disable Detecting
  • Disable Crosshair

Learn how to take constructive criticism. Stop ignoring the fact you’re not releasing it. It’s “your” HUD, but this is Gamemode & Addon Releases. So release it. This isn’t for showing off what random shit you can put on the screen. Let the people judge whether or not they like it after they use it. Don’t just say it does something.

Nope I changed the title since you guys are yelling at me saying that it is not the most advance but sadly Facepunch does not allow title change, so what you get your facts right. =)

Yes, I am.


Detects over 20+ Objects and ENTITIES, not ENTITYS

This is a list, you’re listing what it can do. You’re not pointing out shit as you’re going:
Also Shows if the Detecting is enabled or not in the HUD

Useless parts highlighted:
** Also ** Shows if ** the ** Detecting is enabled ** or not in the HUD **
Why would you even say IN THE HUD?
You’re showcasing your HUD, we know it’s IN THE HUD, we’re not dumb.


Shows amount of weapon the player is holding.

Shows amount of grenades

I could probably find more, but I don’t feel like reading your shit description any more.

Why do you keep saying stuff about my English? I mean I understand the other people’s reasons but all your doing is making fun of my English. Why dont you go and get a life instead of going around in Facepunch making fun of people’s English. It is not my main language but at least I can type 99% of it better than you. Now go get a life kid

You have videos on your YouTube channel of the HUD, why not put them in the thread instead of showing us just a list of features? I’d also like to make mention that the HUD looks incredibly bloated with all these features that appear to be there for the sake of being on the HUD. I can at least credit you with adding the ability to toggle these features on and off.

The use of the word “Most Advanced” HUD is rather debatable. Your HUD containing a rather large amount of features does not necessarily mean it is the most advanced, if it were the most advanced it would do more than just display information such as the current map or your view angles on your screen. If it were advanced it would go beyond simply showing such things in the manner it currently does.

I was making the map and I have a map, but that is another addon. Anyways I will be canceling this addon for now since people hate it so much. For the map addon I don’t know because if I post that one some random people will saying again. One thing I learned GMod Community is getting more stupid each year. I have been playing GMod for 4 years now and each year it’s getting worse. Also the I took off the video from the description because people started going to the video not only disliking but reporting it -_-

Also I have to say something everyone: If you don’t like the addon, then don’t download it.

If you can summarize your response to people disliking your addon as “If you don’t like the addon, then don’t download it.” then why are you cancelling the addon? I also find it rather ignorant for one to suggest that an entire community is getting “more stupid” each year when you see your addons quality being questioned.

I suggest you continue work on it until you believe it is satisfactory for the use of others. Many of the features you have on this HUD serve little use to people such as contraption builders.

I am just tired of it, more then half of them just go on a random thread and try to make fun of someone’s English. At least it is not my main language and I can still code in English.


Why aren’t there any screenshots?
And where is the release? You just put a list with features together.

Ah dang, this was shot down? Already? It has barely been two hours.


You should probably get some screenshots to go along with your huge list of features.