Needs details on what you’re wanting, a picture doesn’t tell us much.

He obviously wants Vlad from GTA 4.

I know but he didn’t say for a ragdoll, picture or anything.

Well posting a request in a Model/skin request should be pretty obvious.

But it could be a Model or a skin? so it wouldn’t be obvious.

It was to me :stuck_out_tongue: I would give him the model. As its pretty easy to get them out of gta4 it shouldnt be a problem if u have the game.

uh? what? of course I want ragdoll. im not asking for a prop

Yeah, it was obvious he wanted the wallpaper made in to a prop.


You’re full of self-irony.

You don’t regocnize obvious sarcasm.

Oh god this thread is full of stupid. Except you Exorade, Andersenthemuss, and LeeMelvin you’re the only ones here who makes sense.

agree’d to the above