Vman - A Complemation

Here’s my compilation, showing nearly every picture that I have that wasn’t a boredom pose or an accidental click with the camera tool out.

Early Poses

The earliest recorded Gmod pose on this computer, I had others on my old computer but I lost them when it got a virus =(

Just discovered how to make Goldrush explode in Gmod =D

The first picture I ever submitted to a website

The beginning of my, later chronic, gnome obsession

SPY’S SAPPIN MEH! To this day this picture cracks me up


Just watched the movie Equilibrium. Kicks ass! (Also, my first experiment with custom muzzle flash skins)

Didn’t like the last one so I decided to directly recreate the Equilibrium scene with a picture from the movie

Just watched Wanted… man that sucked. But the headshot was cool!

Poor guy, just wanted to return her bag…

Damn the volumetric light addon is kickass…

Learned how to make my own effect reskins! =D

Another Equilibrium pose

“Whats that little red thing on you…” One of my first major editing attempts

Hyperphoenix19 of FPSBanana.com edited this. It blew my mind


This was actually In Game, with clever use of the colormod

Have you ever wondered how the survivors can survive eating an entire bottle of painkillers all at once?


This is still one of my absolute favorite poses

The beginnings of a comic that was never finished…

That’s what you get for trying to bite out the pin… Also my first major scene build. I think it came out pretty good (This was on Flatgrass)

*Don’t startle the witch… (Another scene build) *

Widescreen Bars and Film Grain…

Hey, widescreen bars and film grain make my pictures look better =D Also the first test of what would later become the Realism Flash effect…

Just watched Robocop. Man that movie was bloody… and AWESOME!!

GM_Urbex? Ohh I like this map… This was the beginnings of a little series of three poses all about that ninja killing these Russians. I feel that these are some of my most atmospheric poses to date.

Some more Urbex poses, mostly to test out the final version of the Realism Flash

The last of my poses to feature gnomes hidden throughout (that’s right, in almost all of these pictures there are gnomes hidden in them)

Wait, what? I can edit?!
(Keep in mind that before this, the only thing I would edit was film grain and motion blur, everything else was IN GAME!)

I was at a loss for posing for a while, so I decided to try my hand at editing. Turned out easier than I expected, and a lot more fun! This was posed by ChestyMcgee

Posed by Jackseno

My first Isolation attempt. Took a loooong time… Posed by blooregardo

Dodge and burn tool? Hmm, lets try it ou-HOLY SHIT! This picture really showed me what I could accomplish with editing. Posed by Jackseno

This picture was originally in the daytime, but I like night better. Besides, I wanted to test my newfound editing skill =D (If you can’t see it, turn up your brightness, I can see it fine) Another of Chesty’s

Hmm, I can edit, and I can pose, why not combine them! The first picture of mine that I edited

Just watched Sin City again, wanted to make something resembling the original comic

Posed By Arthuro12

Oooh Mysterious Stranger model!

Posed by Chesty

I suppose I can call this my most famous pose. Not sure what it was about it, but I got over 100 comments =D

My first big explosion test (that one nine pictures up doesn’t count). I absolutely loved how this one came out, I felt it looked like a photograph =D Posed by Chesty

Just watched Twister again (my favorite movie no matter what the critics say) I just had to pay homage to the movie. One of my most difficult edits to date

Decided to try stitching

Silence of the Lambs anyone? My 2nd place winning entry for the Movie Scene contest

I am in love with this pose. It is probably my favorite pose I have ever made. Death Proof is such a great movie =D

Been playing lots of Mercs 2 and watched the movie Transformers. Lets try out some explosions =D

More explosions, this one even better than the last! (And winning entry to the Military Madness Contest)

After making those last two pictures, I was way out of my groove when I tried to edit this one.

Hooray! A decent minigun model! Thank you Ilwrath!

I have perfected how to edit smoke =3

Watched The Matrix: Reloaded a couple times. Decided to try some bullet time!

Watched Fight Club for the first time… HO-LY SHIT AWESOME MOVIE!!!

Posed by Denmon (I think) I decided to try making my effects more hand drawn rather than directly copypasting from the internet. I also experimented a bit with scanlines and some general color changes. I think it came out pretty good.

After watching Judge Dredd again and playing some Red Faction, I wanted to make me a cool cyberpunk pose with lotsa explosions and lots of experimental lighting effects. I kinda like it, but I feel it could have been a lot better.

Count on Ilwrath for giving me just the right thing to edit when I can’t think of something to pose. Practically all of the effects were hand drawn in this one, and I’m starting to really enjoy making my own stuff rather than having to rely on internet references.

Got into an editing battle with my good friend Domino. Unfortunately, the community spoke and he claimed the victory (I get the feeling he won because he had DoF) People said the flash was too extravagant… crazies.

Just watched Inglourious Basterds… best movie I have ever seen in my life.


Posed by Ilwrath


I had a lot going for this pic, unfortunately all my motivation slowly drained away and I never ended up finishing it.

And that about does it for now! I will probably update this as time goes on, but for now, this is what I’ve got!

(FYI, its 117 pictures in case you wanted to know :v:)

Comments, Praise, and Criticism please!

<3 mate

Really cool to see the difference between when you started out, and now.

Excellent work.

Boy you sure know how to fuck up Muzzleflashes,

Also: How did you get goldrush to explode?

Is that hostility I smell? :raise:

I don’t believe I should tell hostile people.

It’s not hostility it’s just me saying that your your pistol muzzle flashes look like a fucking BFG9000’s.

Also tell me.

These pictures are pure epic… need I say more

You sound more like a whiny 12 year old every day. Get out of my thread.

Hahaha no.

I might not be good at posing but i can critique your poses all i want, a bad architect can criticize what he thinks is wrong.

The only thing you “Criticized” was the fact that there were visible muzzle flashes, which I have already talked to you about.

In case you didn’t read it the first time:

I hate you, you’re so good at editing. :frown:

The best I could find was this

No need for the hate! D=

Besides, I am actually a big fan of your work, I love your TF2 poses and what you can accomplish in game is awesome!

I love people who appreciate my work!

I just never do HL2 or CSS or L4D or…anything besides TF2… :v:

I posed the Abrams tank firing, it was the first thing I submitted to the photoshop thread, and I still really love the office shoot out. =)

Awesome man!

I thought you posed that, but I couldn’t quite remember. Thanks man!

All of them are amazing, favorite one was the death proof one

Pure epic editing there

Loved all your posts Vman :3

I always love your work, Vman. <3

Truly beautiful stuff Vman.

Out of curiosity where did you get the gangster models?