Vman VS. MasterFGH - Guys shootin up some zombies




I got lazy, was too tired to edit good after my last two pics.
I think I can already tell Master raped me… BUT THIS WILL NOT BE THE LAST TIME YOU SEE ME, MASTERFGH!!

But that’s just me, what do YOU think?

Oh yeah, Zombie time! Love your muzzleflash!
Also Original:



Master, you made yours too dark and the muzzleflash is overused.

Master wins this one… quite easily actually. His muzzleflash is more stylish, he added in some rifle shells and his blood is a million times better.

Who posed this, by the way? I’m not asking because it’s good, I’m asking because it’s strangely imperfect for the two of you.

Master, the blood is very indepth compared to vmans, and I love the color and the action feel it has on it.
And vmans survivors looks a little strange, dunno what you did with them

poor finger posing

Master posed it.

I epic failed with the dodging and burning.

The choice was really hard, but i think Master wins this one.
Congratz master, you’re the mastah !

To hairy => i think that’s because the left guy is left handed, and so, holds his gun an unusual way.

To be perfectly honest, I like Master’s more.

The lighting is good, the blood is good, and has a good tone to the picture.

Vman, my main problems with it is as follows:
-The male_07 character has a strange highlight around him
-The muzzleflash seems kind of strange, large, and distracting
-The blood impact on the zombie’s shirt/chest is good, but then the one on his forehead seems odd and unfitting to how the zombie’s head is posed.


I created the muzzleflash from scratch and worked some stockfootage in, so it looks cooler. I also think that it’s the best fitting muzzleflash there is for M16 and M4 rifles. But I’lll try to make it different next time.


Also, I’m sorry for the pose, I’m really out of practice.

Master wins, hands down.

Vman your edit looks a little to cartoonish.

Master. Sorry.

sorry Vman, but master wins this one…

Why are you all saying sorry lol?

One of them had to win, you couldn’t say they didn’t expect it.

im just always saying sorry i dunno why^^

Don’t be sorry for him, he’ll get his chance next time.

Both are good but I like masters more.

[sp]We must stick together as Germans.[/sp]


Just as I suspected, I lose (except for Satan, who is now my buddy for life)

Something about the picture just made it so my usual editing style just didn’t work. I’m not sure what it was, the lighting, the quality of the characters, but something just didn’t work correctly.

Although it is not the first time I have made bad editing decisions. T_T

Next time, I provide the picture Master! I shall defeat you!

cheer up:smile:

good luck next time