Vman's Ultra Effects


Have you tired of your boring old vanilla effects for your source games? The orange poof muzzle flash, the fuzzball explosion sprites, and yellow gradient sparks? I got annoyed at Valve’s drab work a long time ago, and have been making many new effects to make the game more interesting. Most of the files were only being uploaded to FPSBanana.com, but I decided to give the full pack to the Garrysmod community!

This pack includes:

Ultra Realism Flash

Action-Realism Flash

Action Flash

Purple Heat Flash

Badass Flash

Blue Laser AR2

Epic Explosion (with Garrys Bombs 3)

Awesome Sparks (not pictured)

The effects are great just to have, but they also serve incredibly effective in poses! If you are a poser who lacks Photoshop skills, but want effects that look better than default (and most Photoshop work for that matter)
This pack is for you!
But if you do use them in a pose, be sure to take the picture multiple times, as the effect might not be right on the first take.

To install, extract the materials folders into your steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod folder!


I fucking love you.
I have 1 request.
Make ones for the emitter tool that don’t replace your normal muzzle flash, like for posing only, I’d love that.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible, as the emitter uses the muzzle flash sprites themselves, rather than some custom particles. To change one will change the other, but don’t worry, the effects still look great in first person!

I mean, like, make different muzzle flash types for the emitter.
I’m not wording this properly, I mean, I want all the muzzle flashes and crap, as their own, in the emitter STool.

Unfortunately, still impossible. The file names are muzzleflash1(2,3,4) and the emitters only use those files. You would need to script new emitters that use files like muzzleflash5(6,7,8,9,10…)

…and I’m not that good at scripting x(

well fudgheh.

These look awesome! I can’t wait to try them out. I love the sniper shooting through the window pic you have!

I love it. Awesome.


Love the ultra realism fire muzzle flash, but it doesn’t really look like that.

At least not the third person one, unless the emitter you used was big.


Amazing work, but do these also work in other Source games?

In what picture? The one with the G36? Yes that was a large emitter, but like I said, you won’t always get the effect right on the first try, you WILL need to render (if using Super DoF) or just take the picture multiple times. On the G36 one, I rendered it about 20 times and got about 8 renders that I liked. Then I chose out of those 8 the one you see here because I thought it looked the best.

Any source game that doesn’t use a different system for its effects will work perfectly with them. Games like Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead use animated sprites for their particle effects, so it won’t work with them, but in Half Life 2 or any of its mods the effects will work perfectly (except for CSS, it uses a slightly different method for the muzzle flashes, but the explosions and sparks will work)

Very very nice pack.

Nice one bro, love the realism flash…

did you by any chance based the sniper pic on the Black Ops Sniper pic i once posted on FPSbanana?

greets, Arthuro (Oh btw… sorry but I can’t hex at the moment since my PC broke … haha new one is on its way so dont worry)

That’s some pretty epic stuff. Got to try them some time…

Whoa hey arthuro! Didn’t think I’d see you here! Wasn’t really thinking about other poses, I just wanted to make one with a silenced gun in it so i quickly threw that one together. Glad you like the pack!

Oh fun! I’ll totally apply these next time I run through HL2

Very Nice!