.vmf "BlockArray" error

When trying to import this model converted to a .vmf from sketchup I keep getting this error: “BlockArray < ?, 6, 86 > - too many blocks needed.” I googled this and it suggested that my brushes were too complicated. I found that to be false because I tried importing the model with no textures at all and it still gave me the error.

It has 65,086 polygons and 58,429 faces. I doubt that’s too much for hammer to handle. Anyone know what the problem is?

haha, Not too much for hammer?!

Have you mapped in hammer?
You should try mapping in hammer so you know it’s limitations. There is no way in hell it could handle the number of brushes to make all those polys/faces.

Here are the hammer compiler limits:


give a picture so the people that nkow stuff can judge if its complicated or not


Dolphino plaza from mario sunshine. I am completely new to hammer, so I have no idea how brushes work.

It’s the trees that are killing Hammer. You just can’t make trees like that with normal brushes.

Got rid of all the trees, still same error.

Well there is still a lot of stuff that can’t be made with normal brushes. I suggest you to forget porting and made the map yourself.

Or, you could select certain parts of it sand make them into models. Like things that the players will never go inside, like most of the buildings. And if it’s a true port, that means you’ve also got that pipe system that you should probably remove.

Okay, so I tried importing a much simpler model with no textures and 800 polygons, and still the same error. So I’m completely lost.

The sketchup vmf plugins are crap. Split it up and export them as models. Then brush over the top of the terrain and anything else that can easily be made out of brushes, in hammer.