VMF got cleared

My power went out in the middle of mapping and when I loaded it back up it is blank. I have tried opening other vmfs and they work fine. Even another map I had open at the time is fine.

I am just wondering if there is some setting that hides portions of your map or if I am screwed =X

Also the VMF is completely cleared as if I created a new file.

Check the hammer autosave directory, I think it is C:/autosave or something

Open it with notepad. You’ll see that it’s probably corrupt. Try fixing it, if you’ve got the skills. Otherwise, try finding Hammer’s autosave directory and load your map from there (“C:\HammerAutosave” or something).

Go to the location of the vmf and find a file of the same name with the extension .vmx, rename it to .vmf and open with hammer. This is one backup, if this file isn’t in existance (because you never compiled your map) check the hammer autosaves folder (by default, C:\HammerAutosaves)

Thanks guys. This saved me so much.