VMF into 3Ds Max?

How would I go about getting a .vmf into 3Ds Max?
i.e What would I have to convert it to
or any pluugins i need etc.

I used google but it ain’t given up any of its secrets :frowning:

Any help would great

I’m not editing the map, if I wanted to do that I would
do it in hammer.

If you’re wanting to convert it into a model, use a nice little tool called Propper

Use crafty and export as an obj


You’re a life saver,
thanks :wink:

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but how do I get the textues?

Extract them from the .gcf files and use the .vtf plugin.

it isnt an official map

How does it matter?

If you export from Crafty, it will most likely extract and apply the materials to the OBJ for you. (I’m pretty sure that’s how it has always worked for me)

I just use the standard .dxf

From hammer:
File > Export as .DXF


But that loses the texture coordinates.

Make the first part of HL2 in the unreal engine. :3: