VMF loader?

Im just guessing if there is working VMF loader for newest GMod (11)? All of them at downloads section are broken/desinged for GMod 10.

Someone did actually fix it. I’ll see if I can get you a link…


Right, download the broken version then use this fix:

What is VMF loader? I’ve heard about it, isn’t is Garry’s Mod 9’s version of Adv_Dup?

It let you load .vmf files, similar to adv dupe, but your could make them in the hammer editor too (I think). Meaning that triggers and shit should work. It was more stable and accurate than Adv dupe for the reason that .vmf files are a exact representation of a world object. I’ve never used it due to the fact it was broken, and now I just can’t be asked.

I think i got it working. Thanks!
But where i place my vmf files that i want to spawn ingame? Spawn tool list is empty.

I haven’t used this in a long time, but did you make a folder in the VMF folder called “server”? Because the VMFs must go in there.

Wait, where? VMF Suite\lua\autorun\server ?

OK, I’ll try and get this from memory, try putting them in: